“Everything I have is in this back pack; I can’t go home, my mom doesn’t want me, in fact, she won’t speak to me anymore, and couch surfing has worn out.

Where do I go? Is that park safe to sleep at? What about that boarded-up house; can I find refuge there? Maybe under the bridge?

I am SO alone!”

Youth across the Fraser Valley and up the Fraser Canyon face this dilemma each and every night.  Nationally, 1 in 5 homeless persons is a youth; locally, those numbers have been higher.  Many are fleeing abuse, poverty, exploitation and drugs.  Youth on the streets are 40 times more likely to die, however, if we can reach them within the first two years, their chances for survival and success are greatly improved.

Cyrus Centre is equipped to intervene immediately, to provide youth with a way out and a way off the streets.  Check out our services page to learn more about the various programs we offer by providing emergency shelter, snacks, clothing, advocacy, school, counselling, referrals, life-skills training and so much more!

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