2016 is behind us and 2017 is well underway.

But we still want to share a few numbers with you from 2016 to show you what you’ve help happen in our communities and to highlight what still needs to be done.

2 – Number of Emergency Youth Shelters between the Okanagan and Metro Vancouver (both are Cyrus Centre locations)

4 – Number of Emergency Youth Shelter beds in Abbotsford

5 – Number of Emergency Youth Shelter beds in Chillwack

20 – Percentage of homeless people in Abbotsford that are youth

44 – Percentage of homeless people in Chilliwack that are youth

213 – Number of intakes into Cyrus Centre’s Emergency Youth Shelter in 2016

242 – Number of youth Cyrus Centre had to turn away from the Emergency Youth Shelter because we were full in 2016

8,575 – Number of meals served to youth at Cyrus Centre in 2016

12,389 – Number of times youth visited Cyrus Centre in 2016

6 – Number of Emergency Youth beds we HOPE to have in Abbotsford in 2017

9 – Number of Emergency Youth beds we HOPE to have in Chilliwack in 2017

49 – Amount of dollars it costs per night to provide a youth living on the streets with a safe, dry, warm place to sleep, alongside numerous other needs and resources.

We want to thank every single individual, business, church, group responsible for every dollar donated and thank every person who donated their time, talents, and resources to provide meals for our youth, and everyone who provided necessary cleaning supplies, hygeine products, gift cards, and more.

It takes every single one of you to allow Cyrus Centre to provide emergency, 24 hour a day services to homeless and vulnerable you in the Fraser Valley and Fraser Canyon.

Because of you, on 213 separate occasions, a youth on the street had a safe place to sleep.

Our prayer for 2017 is to expand our current emergency shelter so that more youth find refuge from the streets.

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