I heard this song recently and the words have continued to rattle around in my brain. I remember clearly when my mother passed away. She left a huge hole in my life and when my father followed her to heaven several years ago for the first time in my life I felt like an orphan. I was totally on my own, alone in this big sea of life trying to find my exhausting way to shore.

Unlike many of our Cyrus kids, I had parents who did their best to guide and direct me offering wisdom they had collected through the years. As I now relate to my kids at the youth centre, I wonder that they have even found their way to us. How do they know that we are trustworthy? How do they know what is a “normal” path in life? How do they even guess at the question asked in schools about what they want to be when they grow up because for many of them, just making it through the next month, is a challenge.

As a Cyrus volunteer, I am honoured to be any kind of adopted family member but find that I fit best as the Cyrus Gramma. The role itself, requires, a sense of humour, some well-developed patience and the willingness to listen and care. It’s what Grammas all over the world do every day and while our Cyrus kids already have a mom, I happy to adopt anyone feeling like they’d like to belong to someone.  As they land on shore, thanks to all of our donors, and support staff, we’ve got plenty of towels and blankets and TLC to make them feel safe and warm.

Dian, Cyrus Centre Abbotsford Volunteer