Donate your Scrap Car

Your Choice to Donate is a local organization that turns scrap metal into funds for non-profits. They’re primary focus is on scrap cars but they also accept any scrap metal.  It is incredibly easy to get rid of your scrap car and you get a tax receipt for donating. They even pick up your scrap car for no cost! If you have other scrap metal that you would like to donate you can drop it off at Fraser Valley Metal Recycling (34272 Industrial Way in Abbotsford) and make sure to tell them you’re donating your scrap metal for Cyrus Centre.

If you have a scrap car you would like to donate click here and let them know you would like to donate your car for Cyrus Centre. It’s quick, easy, and they can pick your car up for free (check their website for a full list of regions they operate in).

If you you have scrap metal you would like to drop off at Fraser Valley Metal Recycling here is a list of some common household items that can be turned into funds for Cyrus Centre:

  • all washer & dryers
  • fridge
  • stove
  • vacuums
  • pots & pans
  • sinks
  • BBQ’s
  • wheel barrels
  • hand tools
  • lawn mowers
  • eclectic tools
  • car batteries
  • Christmas lights
  • nails, bolts, & nuts
  • copper pipe
  • electric motors
  • patio furniture
  • any electronics without screens.
  • sinks
  • pluming pipes
  • hot water tanks
  • anything aluminum
  • printers
  • file cabinets
  • office chairs
  • chain link fence.