Fill Our Pantry

Food brings people together. For youth experiencing homelessness in the Fraser Valley, Cyrus Centre is the only place they can get a meal every day of the week. Sitting down and having a meal with a youth who has just come to Cyrus Centre for the first time creates an environment of safety and lets youth know we are there to meet even their most basic needs.

 Since Cyrus Centre opened in 2004, our cupboards and fridges have been stocked by the outpouring of generous donations by individuals in our communities. Everything from milk and eggs to homemade muffins and cookies. It allows youth in our centres to feel loved and cared for.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic we’ve experienced a decrease in donations towards our fridges and cupboards. We’ve created this page as a way to keep our fridge and cupboards filled with the nutritious food all people need.

 Listed below are the most needed foods that we go through on a regular basis. If you have inquiries about providing food that is not on the list below, please feel free to reach out to our centres: Chilliwack (604) 795-5773 or Abbotsford (604) 859 – 5773